About Us

About Us

Africa's Emerging Conglomerate Company

Goodbreed Company Limited is a Conglomerate was incorporated on 2nd May, 1988 with RC. 113023 by the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Government of Nigeria in pursuant the companies & allied matters act of 1968 to to engage in the manufacturing, exporting and distributing, selling and buying agents representative in all kinds of business relating to all kinds of petroleum oil & petrol-chemicals as regulated by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and other types of natural minerals. Our major focus is on oil & gas products trading, logistics and consultancy services. In alliance with Refineries, National Oil companies and maritime logistics companies, we deliver various types of petroleum and gas products such as crude oil, Automotive Gas Oil etc. to ready, willing and able Buyers anywhere in the world.

The company also engages in Health Systems, Information Communication Technology solutions, Real Estate, and Agribusiness as strategic and distinct business units. Goodbreed Company Ltd has in place, a balanced team of professionals with varied experience in its core area of operation. As a solution & efficiency driven organization, we take advantage of latest advances in Information Communications Technology (ICT) to deliver guaranteed efficient solutions for our various clients.

We have been offering our valued services to clients all across the world since 1986

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We Are Leading Business & Technology Innovations in Africa

If your intention is to do business in Nigeria or invest anywhere in Africa especially in the Oil & Gas industry,  Goodbreed Company Limited should be your first point of call. We deliver Nigerian Crude Oil , Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) and all kinds of Refined Petroleum products to any safe world port. You also need our expertise in the Technology space, Real Estate, Healthcare solutions and Agribusiness, 

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We welcome partnership from any where in the world