Bonny Light Crude Oil

Bonny Light crude Oil Purchase Procedure

Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO) is a high grade of Nigerian crude oil produced in the Niger Delta basin and named after the city of Bonny, Rivers state, Nigeria. The Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is the principal exporter of for BLCO.BLCO has low sulfur (0.14%-0.16%) content by world standards, so it is in high demand for its low corrosive effects on refinery infrastructure and the low environmental impact of its byproducts.

Generally, lighter (high API) crudes are more valuable because they yield more high-value light products when running through a refinery. Light crude oils typically has the 35-45 API range but BLCO has an API of 32.9!

The price of BLCO is based on Brent Crude Oil  international “benchmark”. You can get BLCO through us on Freight On Board (FOB) Basis at price of BRENT minus $13/9, on Tanker Take Over (TTO) at BRENT minus $12/8 and on Cost Insurance Freight  (CIF) basis at $8/6 according to the purchase procedure  below: 


BLCO Specification

NNPC Export Grade

Instrument Accepted

MT-199 RWA as Proof of Funds & MT-760 SBLC/BG as Payment Assurance

Delivery Timeline

FOB: 7 days TTO: 10 days CIF: 14-21 days. Minimum of 5 years contract


  • Specific Gravity at 60ºC 0.8397 – 0.8498 Oil
  • API Specific Gravity at 60ºC API ≥ 32.00
  • Density at 60є 0.85 max
  • Pour Point Below 40ºF
  • Sulfur Content, % Wt. 0.16 max
  • Colour Dark Brown
  • Salinity TB at 0.10% BS&W 47 max
  • Acid Number 0.39 max
  • Reid Vapour Pressure 6.52 psig max
  • Water Content, Pct. (%) 0.50 max
  • Sediment Content, Pct. (%) 0.50 max
  • Iron Wt. Ppm 1.00 max
  • Nickel Wt. Ppm 4.00 max
  • Vanadium Wt. Ppm 2.00 max

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