Other Refined Products

Other Refined Products Purchase Procedure

Premium Motor Spirit 
Premium Motor Spirit, also known as Mogas, Petrol or gasoline is used to power vehicles and generators that use internal combustion engines such as Motor vehicles and Power generators. Unlike Automotive Gas Oil which is used vehicle engines, D2 is the diesel fuel for diesel engines.

Dual Purpose Kerosene
Dual purpose kerosene can be used as aviation fuel (JET A-1), and as cooking and Lighting oil (Illuminating Kerosene –IK) hence its name dual purpose kerosene.

D2 Diesel Gas Oil
Diesel Gasoil (D2) is an abbreviation for Gas oil. It is the second distillate from the processing of crude oil. It can be used without reformers and additives. Diesel Gasoil (D2) is any liquid fuel used in diesel engines, whose fuel ignition takes place without any spark, as a result of compression of the inlet air mixture and then injection of fuel.

D6 Virgin Fuel Oil
D6 Virgin Fuel Oil is also being known as Residual Fuel Oil and is of High–Viscosity. D6 Virgin Fuel Oil is mostly used for generators. 

The below Purchase Procedure is for the supply of  Bulk Quantity (Above 50,000 metric tons) of Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) and all other refined Petroleum products. Click on the relevant tab to display to show the Purchase Procedure. 

Product Specification

Buyer's Specification

Instrument Accepted

SWIFT RWA, SBLC Bank Guarantee

Delivery Timeline

TTT: 7 days TTO: 10 days CIF: 14-21 days. Minimum of 5 years contract


  • Specific gravity 60°/60 F…. (0.757-0,77 max)

  • Distillation range ( oC) …..35-205
  • 10% evaporated (OC) 70 maximum
  • 50% evaporated 125 maximum
  • 100% evaporated (OC) 180 maximum
  • FBP evaporated (OC)
  • 205 maximum
  • Residue % Vol. 2 maximum
  • Odour (Merchantable)
  • Orange Colour
  • Total sulphur (No, 1 strip max.)
  • Copper corrosion (No.1 strip max)
  • Vapour / liquid Ratio: T36°C 68 max.
  • Existent gum (mg/100ml) 4 max.
  • Oxidation stability (min.): 360 min.
  • Knock rating (RON): 90 min.
  • RVP (Vapour pressure) (psi): 90 max.

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