Automotive Gas Oil

Automotive Gas Oil Purchase Procedure

Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) which also known as diesel is a by-product of crude oil refining. It is gotten in the mid-boiling range of crude oil refining process. AGO is a less flammable fuel compared to other petroleum products such as premium motor spirit. It is more dependable and efficient when running heavy-duty equipment and vehicles: Heavy-duty vehicles, such as trucks and buses. Light-duty vehicles, such as vans and passenger cars. We supply Automotive Gas Oil (AGO) that meets DPR specification to West African ports. If you are outside West Africa and you want large quantity of AGO with a specification that is different from that of NNPC/DPR specification, you can send an LOI, we will direct out Partner Refinery to produce it. 

We sell Automotive Gas Oil in West African ports per Litre in NAIRA and outside West African ports per metric tons in DOLLARS. The price varies with market fluctuations. The below purchase procedure is for 2,000 metric tons to 50,000 metric tons within West African port. If you need bulk quanty of AGO above 50,000 metric tons for delivery outside or within West African port, visit our Bulk AGO Purchase Procedure page here. 

AGO Specification


Instrument Accepted

Bank RWA, Local Blocked Funds, Bank Guarantee

Delivery Timeline

TTT: 7 days TTO: 10 days CIF: 14-21 days. Minimum of 5 years contract


  • Appearance…..clear & bright
  • Colour, ASTM (max)…..3.0
  • Specific graphity at 15/15°C….0.820-0.870
  • Acidity (inorganic)……Nill
  • Total Acid Number MgKOH/g, (max)…..0.50
  • Distillation % recovery at 357°C, v/v (min)…..90
  • Distillation Final boiling pt, 15°C (max)…..385
  • Flash Point at °C (min)…..66
  • Kinematic viscosity at 37.8°C (cst)…..1.6-5.5
  • Cloud Point at °C (min)….4.4
  • Corandson carbon residue on 10% residue, %….0.15
  • Ash % wt (max)…0.01
  • Copper strip corrosion, 3h at 100°C….. Not worse than No.1
  • Sediment % wt (max)…0.01
  • Total Sulphur % wt (max)…0.8
  • Water content % Vol (max)…0.05
  • Diesel Index, (min)….47

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