Goodbreed Oil & Gas

Nigerian Light Crude Oil Sales

In pursuant to the enactment of a “local content policy” Nigeria’s federal Ministry of Petroleum resources, which stipulates 75% participation of Nigerian companies in the oil and gas industry by Goodbreed has taken advantage of this policy to contribute their quota in generating revenue for the country from crude oil and refined products sales.
In conjunction with NNPC/Joint Venture Operators and NNPC Terminal Fiduciaries, Goodbreed Company Limited has participated and still involved in the lifting, sales and marketing of large quantities of Bonny Light crude Oil (BLCO) and various specifications of Nigerian Light Crude Oil on F.O.B, T.T.O and TTT in a graft free and sincere transaction with all official genuine cargo documents issued to by NNPC in Buyer’s name. Goodbreed Company Limited is also in partnership with independent Allotees, Licensed Importer and NNPC Terminal in the delivery of Bonny Light Crude oil to major refineries and end-Buyers on C.I.F basis.

However, the Goodbreed is neither a LIFTER nor an ALLOTEE of Bonny Light Crude Oil but a Fiduciary company that have all it takes to receive Bank Instruments or Payment Letters from prospective Buyers all over the world for delivery of the product and remit money directly into NNPC nominated Account.; The Company receives the Buyer’s Bank instrument (as the cost of delivering the product is born by them) but the final payment is remitted by our Bank into NNPC nominated Accounts.

Sales of Refined Petroleum Products 

To alleviate the effect of the poor working conditions of Nigerian Refineries and ensure the availability of highly demanded refined products like Automotive Gas Oil (AGO), Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) and Domestic Kerosene in Nigeria and neighbouring West African nations, the company liaises with licensed importers in the trading and distribution of these products for local consumption and is in contract with a renowned refinery fiduciary in Russia for the supply of these refined products on C.I.F to anywhere in the world. We are currently negotiating with a Chinese based Biomass producer to setup biomass power plants at strategic states in Nigeria and generate electricity.

Lease of Marine vessels and Cargo Ships

We are are in partnership with reputable marine vessel, bulk carriers and cargo ships owners to lease marine tankers and cargo ship of various sizes and draft to clients who need them to transport their commodities from any loading port to any discharge port in the world. 

When you hire a marine vessel, bulk carrier or cargo ship through us, we help you manage the voyage and ensure your commodity reaches its destination safely. Our rates are very competitive when compared to the value added service that we offer. We do not collect any upfront fee. Our transactions are secured and handled Bank to bank.